This page is dedicated to telling the stories about how Moringa is changing lives.


"I received my package today and I'm so excited to start using it. Moringa powder is the best product ever existed. I enjoy using it as a super food in my smoothie/beverages. Moringa powder gives me a boost of energy to perform during my CrossFit workouts. The high protein in the Moringa powder helps me rebuild muscle after workouts. In addition, Moringa powder has also help me with my arthritis and inflammation. I don't feel the pain as much anymore. Moringa has also aided in my weight loss as it suppresses my appetite throughout the day. I don't need a multi vitamin, it has all the vitamins I need. Thanks you for providing me with this goodness that does the body good inside and out!"


"I wanted to say how much we love the Moringa powder!  It has great value to us because we have really noticed a difference in the way we feel.  My husband and I are both using it. He has been drinking it for about month now and has much more energy. For myself, I have been using Moringa for just about 2 months now and I've noticed that my eyes were getting so tired. Everything was getting blurry.  After about 2 weeks, I thought I was going to have to visit my eye doctor to see what the problem was.  But before I made an appointment, I tried my old glasses that I had used about a 1 1/2 years ago and I can see really well with them. My vision continues to improve! I owe it all to the Morninga. I will be looking eagerly to more health improvements as the months go by."

    Thank you,


"I had a physical exam with my primary Physician a year ago and told him I was taking vitamin supplements of E, C, B Complex, & D. He recommended I stop taking vitamins and instead eat a healthier diet. I also told him I had a few young Moringa trees growing in my back yard. He suggested instead of the vitamins I take 2+ tablespoons of Moringa daily. I did that and recently had another physical including blood test. When the Dr. got the results he told me he was very pleased with the results as I was in acceptable ranges in all areas where vitamins would have had an impact and although I'm 70 yrs old, I had a blood test results of someone 40 yrs old. Thank you Moringa!"

    Michael - Naples, Florida



"Two years ago right before Christmas our then 17 year old dog Bella started falling over and we took her to the vet thinking she might be having a stroke. The prognosis was much worse. The Vet said that she had a tumor in her brain. You could see it looking into her eye and she probably would not last 2 weeks. I had just got back from Florida were I had purchased some Moringa powder. I did not know what else to do but knew I had to try something. I started mixing the Moringa powder in her food. She ate it with no problem. The vet said that pressure from the tumor may make her think she was hungry all the time. I saw this as an advantage. I increased her Moringa to twice a day. Within a few days she was not falling and seemed much better. I started doing research, found a naturalpathic vet, who had never heard of the Moringa but was impressed with the nutritional content. I continued with the Moringa and eventually added other things like some Chinese powders and with guidance from the vet changed her diet to a more alkaline diet, getting rid of the dry food and adding raw food and vegetables. I eat a very organic diet but never thought about the junk I was feeding my dogs. As I refined her diet she became stronger and we started walking for an hour a day. She loved her walks and she was truely a happy dog.

I am happy to report that Bella lived another year and 8 months past what the vets had predicted. She was 18 years old when she finally passed away and had many more happy days and a good quality life until the last few weeks. I believe that the Moringa powder gave her body what it needed to heal itself.

I am trying to keep my other dog, a Jack Russell on a similar diet but where Bella would eat anything, Pepper is a very picky eater and I can not get her to eat her food when I mix in the Moringa powder. She did, however, like the sample Moringa dog treats that you sent and I would love some more if you go into production again or a recipe that I could try with my dehydrator."


    Thanks for the support,

    Felice Brunner, Bella & Pepper



"I have grown 2 trees for about 2 1/2 years now and they are easily past the top of my 2 story home. We harvest the leaves quite often and eat them in many ways. My favorite way is adding the leaves to green salad, which is just about a nightly staple on our family dinner table. I also use them in soups, and anything else that I can sneak them into for my family...burrito stuffing, lasagna, mixed vegetables, with quinoa. I dry it in the sun and then use it like a shaker on the table. I would like to learn how to use the seeds to purify water in case the need arises someday...it's always better to be prepared!"

    God Bless,



"As we discussed previously about the Moringa plant, it has many different uses.  When I was growing up back in the Philippines we called the moringa plant "malunggay," we used the leaves frequently for vegetables, added to meat and fish, as a main dish or a side dish becuse of its nutritional value, my most favorite was added to soup.  We also used the leaves as poultice for superficial skin wounds and inflammations. The plant grows well in tropical climate like Florida.  In the Philippines they easily grow them in their backyard, I have four plants now in my backyard, easy and fast way to obtain nutritious vegetable.  The leaves can be placed in freezer ziploc bags and can be frozen for 6-12 months."

    Happy Eating!

    Dr. B. Jasmin, MD


"Thank you so much for helping me! Since I started taking Moringa, my iron levels are coming up without any side effects. I know a few pregnant people who are struggling with their iron , so I am going to let them know how well it has worked for me. Please keep Richard (Holistic Health Solutions) stocked with it and that is where I will send them to pick it up."

     I really want to thank you!