Our goal is to provide information about the Moringa Oleifera Tree, its Benefits and Uses.

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As we grow older, our skin begins to react in a variety of ways. From the age of 20 onwards, it loses collagen at an average rate of 1 percent per year. As the result, it becomes thinner and more fragile.

Sweat and oil glands also begin to function at a diminished capacity, and exposure to extreme weather, dust, and pollution can further damage its quality. Skin can become drier, and losses its plump, elastic feel. Aging in a person’s skin shows up through wrinkles, freckles, sun spots, and loss of collagen and elastin.

Aging also depletes the body of much needed nutrients such as calcium and vitamins, resulting in lessened hearing, impaired vision, slower agility, reduced mental clarity, memory loss, fatigue, and increases the susceptibility to diseases such as arthritis/osteoarthritis, blood pressure, stress, and even cancers

Still other problems are those associated with poor digestion and urinary tract infections.

Research shows you can reverse the process of aging through the use of:

  • Vitamin A, which contains beta carotene and retinol that helps build collagen fibers within the skin. It also aids in improving eyesight and fighting infections
  • Vitamin C, which is an antioxidant and heals and repairs damaged skin
  • Vitamin E, which has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Vitamin D, which helps the body produce Calcitriol, much needed for strong bones and teeth, and to promote normal cell growth
  • Calcium, which can strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis
  • Iron, which helps in the formation of hemoglobin and myoglobin to improve the immune system and boost mental clarity
  • Potassium, which prevents muscles loss and assists in the reduction of blood pressure.


Moringa has been used in folk medicine as an anti-cancer herb. Animal studies have found that moringa helps to inhibit tumor growth and often helps reduce replication of skin cancer cells. Extracts of Moringa have traditionally been used to treat tumors. An article in the December 2005 issue of the "Tree for Life Journal" states that in laboratory animals, moringa extracts have inhibited the growth of tumors. More research in needed before these benefits are proven to help prevent cancer in humans. 

Moringa is Loaded with Antioxidants! 

Check out what Dr. Oz has to say about antioxidants....



2. Energy Blaster: Moringa Oleifera

The leaves of the moringa oleifera tree, native to the Himalayan mountains in northwestern India, are extremely nutrient-dense. They contain 3 times more iron than spinach and are loaded with tons of other vitamins including vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium and potassium, as well as powerful antioxidants. To benefit from this super supplement, take 400mg daily.  You can also try moringa oleifera tea, a great alternative to caffeinated beverages. Available at health food stores.

Clean Water Saves Lives:


Latest Update from the Field


Workshop staged for female headed households


By Joachim Ezeji - Team Leader, March 18, 2012 02:41 PM


With a view at reaching a huge number of those at the bottom of the pyramid especially those with limited political voices and lobbying capacities, our project recently (10 – 15th February, 2012) organized a workshop in Owerri, Nigeria for female headed households and other groups. The workshop was aimed at maximizing the opportunities of scale at improving the quality of their drinking Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and freeing the poorest people from the burdens of ill-health. In other words the main aim of the workshop was to support vulnerable women and children of poor households in target communities to overcome the basic obstacle posed to their social and economic development by poor access to safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene. Part of the workshop program was supporting this vulnerable population to sustainably access clean and safe drinking water through the construction and installation of 1000 Bio-sand water filters in their homes etc. Activities included:

1. Staging of interactive WASH Workshops for women

2. Training of 45 women and girls in filter making                                                                                                                             

3.Supporting 1000 female headed households with water filters

4. Following up support services for 2 years (2012 – 2014)                                                                                                                   

 5. Report and Articles in local and international conferences and journals

The project is obliging many local households the robust opportunity of good health which the scaled up production of the filters provides. The World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that as many as 80% of all infectious diseases in the world are associated with insufficient and unsafe water, and this is in abundance in our work area. This is particularly well established for diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, typhoid and paratyphoid fever, infectious hepatitis, amoebic and bacillary dysentery etc. The prevalence of some of these sicknesses in the region is well documented. Diarrhea in particular remains a killer disease, especially for babies and children below the age of five.  Safe, adequate and accessible supplies of water combined with proper sanitation, are surely basic needs and essential components of primary health care. They can greatly help to improve the health of underprivileged populations in communities in the Niger Delta. Public health concerns associated with industrial pollution, and poorly managed on-site sanitation systems are yet to abate in oil producing communities hence giving relevance to our filters. In these Niger Delta communities water pollution has continued to impair water sources and threatening the health and wellbeing of thousands of people in the communities.  Our filter continues to provide a reliable, accessible, adequate and cost-effective water treatment device for poor households.  Our Point-of-Use multi-barrier filter technology has proven significant at reducing intestinal illnesses particularly among children who are prone to stomach pain, diarrhea, dehydration and death due to the contaminated water they drink. In the region, over 25% of children under the age of five die every year from effects of drinking unsafe water. Also barely half of the population has access to disinfected water; while 80% of illnesses detected in the region originate from the water people drink. Sadly about 95% of the population depends on the potentially contaminated water points; and worse still, over 50% of the people are without access to sanitation. We are grateful to Global Giving and all our benefactors and donors who use its platform to reach us with the critical funds required in achieving our objectives. Please accept our warm gratitude and appreciation. Please kindly do not get bored or fatigued in supporting us. Thank you!