Witness the Amazing Life Force within a Moringa Tree.

Witness the Amazing Life Force within a Moringa Tree.

Posted by Gene Salerno on 10th Apr 2015

We want to show you a clear visual demonstration of the Powerful Life Force residing in a Moringa Tree. This tree is called "the Never Die Tree" in different parts of the world where - it thrives under very difficult growing conditions.

     During a brief time, that we were not able to get out to our farm and harvest fresh Moringa leaves, the trees got extremely tall. Some of our trees got up to 15ft - 18ft tall, making it difficult to harvest the leaves. When they are this tall and you cut the branches back, they regrow from that same point as to where you cut them. That makes for the same problem all over again.

     So, we did an experiment (kinda knowing the outcome) to cut some of our trees down very short, approximately 3-4 ft high. Our intent was that if the trees produced leaves they would do it from this lower height and make it easier to harvest. They also would be "bushier" and full of fresh leaf. Sure enough, that is what has happened as you can see from the before and after photos.  I think it took about 5-6 weeks to regrow as much as shown.  




The point is: Imagine ingesting some of this Life -Force going into your own body in the form of Moringa powder or Moringa leaf, or even as Moringa tea. We don't completely understand all there is to know about how this amazing tree with all it's nutritional value works with the human body,  but we are seeing real and tangible results through out the world.

You decide if it's for you.