The Ark of Moringa

The Ark of Moringa

Posted by Gene Salerno on 1st Jun 2015

Many years have past since Noah was given the task of building the Ark to save all of the innocent creatures of the earth. What was done to cleanse the earth has come and gone and mankind has destroyed much of the beauty and richness that was given to us once again. Disease and sickness has fallen upon the human race again. Greed and a misguided way of being seems to be the norm that has led us to the current state of near disaster and annihilation. 

Trees sprang up from the earth to become building material for Noah to build his ark. It was the trees that allowed Noah to save all the innocents of the earth. It was the animals that were considered the innocents and allowed to survive the all encompassing floods of the earth that would wipe out all wrong doing and wanton destruction of beauty.

There is enough food to go around. The malnutrition and suffering is not necessary if only the greed of some can be set aside. Moringa Oleifera is a tree that is so full of nutrition that it is almost unnecessary to eat anything else to survive and live a healthy lifestyle.

Once again trees have sprung forth from the Earth to help us rebuild our lives and to allow us to recreate the beauty that was intended for us all. Humans have been give a second chance to share in the majesty of plenitude that has been placed before us. 

It is unnecessary to raise and slaughter millions and millions of animals every day in an effort to feed ourselves. The Moringa tree was put here to help us to fulfill our need for food rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals.

We have been given the building materials to create a new Ark, one that can save all the innocents of the Earth and us as well. It is time we all start building a future for all our children and their children, and their children's children. All of our descendents must be free of the greed and false use of power that has brought us to the brink of extintson.