New Hope for for Alzheimers Patients?

11th Nov 2014

One of the worst symptoms of Alzheimer's disease is its negative effect on memory and concentration.


In a study conducted by R.Ganbuly and D. Guha for the S.N. Pradhan Center for Neurosiences at the University of Calcutta, extract of Moringa Oleifera showed evidence that it provides more protection for the chemicals in the brain that are most important to healthy memory and concentration than it's prescription drug counterpart colchicine. 

The objective of the study was to investigate if oral consumption of Moringa Oleifera extract can provide protection for the brain monoamines ( norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin). The study was performed by having rats go through a maze and pick the correct lever, testing their memory.

The rats which were treated with a 250 mg/kg dosage of Moringa Oleifera performed statistically better for every momoamine chemical compared to their colchicine only counterparts.  Before treatment, rats would make 9 correct choices with their first 4 levers. The group treated with Moringa Oleifera in order to combat the adverse effects of colchinine saw a significantly reduced amount of impairment compared to the group which was only treated with colchicine.

The implications for this additional benefit o Moringa Oleifera extract could mean the use of Moringa Oleifera extract as a way to help prevent the brain against slower neuron transmittal and in turn, the delayed response time and memory ability.

With this information now available to us, it seems only prudent that we take action and provide ourselves with the protection Moringa Oleifera can possibly give us.

None of us, given the choice, would prefer to experience our own delayed response time and memory loss.  Moringa Oleifera might be the perfect natural alternative.