Is Moringa a Spiritual Food?

Is Moringa a Spiritual Food?

Posted by Gene Salerno on 6th Aug 2014

IS  MORINGA A SPIRITUAL FOOD?                                                                      Copyright 2014 Gene Salerno

The definition of Spirit According to the American Heritage dictionary is as follows:

1. The animating force within living beings; soul. 

2. Spirit: the Holy Spirit. 

3. A supernatural being; ghost. 

4. The part of a human associated with the mind, will, and feelings. 

5. A person as marked by a stated quality: he is a proud spirit.

Spiritual: 1. Relating to or consisting of spirit.

Using these definitions, we can apply these question to Moringa: 

Does Moringa have an animating force within it?   YES.

 Does it have a soul like humans?   ????

Is it part of the Holy Spirit?   ????

Is it marked by a stated quality, like a person with a proud spirit?  YES.

We believe Moringa to be almost, if not all, of these things.  





It seems pretty clear that the Moringa tree is some form of a living entity or "being". 

By witnessing the way it grows and survives  in some of the most difficult places on earth, it is clear that it has an animating force within.  It's FORCE has an almost SUPERNATURAL determination to live and THRIVE.

May the FORCE be with us all!