Posted by Gene Salerno on 24th Jul 2014

Do You Grok Moringa?

Years ago, back in the 1960s, I read a book by science-fiction writer Robert Heinlein called "Stranger in a Strange Land".  In the book he introduced a new idea or concept. The idea of melding with something to such an extent that it becomes you and you become it. For example, if you ate a bowl of rice, the rice becomes you and you become it. You know the old saying, "you are what you eat". Well taking this concept at the deepest level, it appears to be true. We eat something and our body takes this food and uses it as fuel, which then becomes energy. 


Scientists have helped us reach the point of understanding that essentially we are energy and that each cell in our body is like a tiny nuclear furnace constantly burning up whatever material it can. This energy becomes us. We are this “energy”.

Have you heard the phrase “I feel like I'm burning up” or “ I going like a house on fire”.  What is really going on?  At a nuclear or cellular level we are actually burning up.  We burn fat.  We burn whatever we can to survive and keep thriving.


 So what has all this have to do with Moringa.  Well, when we talk about "Groking" Moringa, we are essentially saying if you eat Moringa, it gradually becomes you and you become part of the Moringa.  We call it the Moringa Spirit because we believe at some level, this is what it is, pure energy, pure spirit.  This “Spirit” is the Moringa tree.  This remarkable tree produces an amazing amount of nutrition in the leaves and other parts of the tree that when ingested, becomes your body. 

It is well documented that the Moringa tree has the fantastic ability to grow and thrive in some of the most difficult places on earth.  We have seen that starving people in Africa, (and other parts of the world) when given Moringa for food, can over-come malnutrition and many life threatening diseases.


It is also believed that Moringa has been able to help treat or cure up to almost 300 different diseases or conditions.   It is my belief that if you Grok Moringa, if you ingest a lot of Moringa into your daily diet, you will help your body to transform itself in such a way that not only will you survive, but you will thrive.

 Thriving is what Moringa does best.  The difficult part of ingesting a lot of Moringa is finding out the best way to do it so that it doesn't upset your stomach, make you nauseous or make you feel uncomfortable.

 Developing recipes and ways of eating Moringa is currently our task.  Won't you join us?  If you have a recipe that tastes good and uses Moringa, please let us know so that we can pass it on to the rest of the Moringa Spirit tribe.

 And we appreciate any testimonials you can pass along.
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