A Moringa Testimony from a Raving Fan!

A Moringa Testimony from a Raving Fan!

Posted by Gene Salerno on 13th May 2015

We received a phone call from a Moringa user wanting to place an order over the phone and during our conversation she told me about how Moringa has helped her family remain healthy. She also told me about her son's amazing recovery from an serious infection.
 After hearing all this wonderful testimony, I asked her if she would write all this down so that I could use it to help let people know about this amazing plant product. She was not only willing to do so,  but was even excited too do so.  Here is her actual testimony.

I would encourage every household to use Moringa on a daily basis! We are a family of 9 and have seen first hand the benefits of this amazing product! First of all, it keeps us healthy and full of energy. If we happen to run out, we notice the effects with in three days as we feel drained, and don’t sleep as well. We use the capsules, but do enjoy the tea as well. 

Apparently this product helps heal and fight infection too. Our 14 year old son had an abscess which turned into staff infection which sent us to the E.R. They had to put drain tubes in to rid his body of infection, with a return visit in 3 days. We doubled his dosage of Moringa and when we returned the doctors were amazed to see that the infection was gone and he was healing nicely. No more packing or tubes were necessary as is usually the case.

 We can’t say enough good things about this product! It keeps our family away from the doctors for common colds and infections. Just by increasing the dosage, we find that a common cold is gone in 3 days not 2 weeks. Moringa keeps our family healthy and we enjoy the benefits of energy! This is the best natural supplement on the market in our opinion!


Ken & Diana Swartz

p.s. Ken works at ECHO, and people are constantly coming in the nursery/store to testify of moringa healing cancer, increasing energy, helping people sleep, ridding them of ailments of all sorts!

Thank You to Ken and Diana! A wonderful and encouraging testimony to the - Miracle Tree Moringa! Long Live Moringa!