Posted by Gene and Daryl Salerno on 28th Aug 2014

We wanted to take some time to do a Great Big SHOUT OUT to two of the best supporters of our company Moringa Spirit. 

We want to publicly say THANK YOU to two key supporters that have helped our business grow and prosper. 

THANK YOU to ECHO, Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization based in Fort Myers Florida. 

It is here that we first learned about the Moringa tree and it's amazing nutritional value. Right from the beginning of our growing, production and sales of Moringa,  Echo has been a terrific resource of information, a great wholesale account and a wonderful group of people to work with. THANK YOU ECHO, ESPECIALLY STAFF AT THE BOOK AND GIFT STORE.

Secondly but no less important, we want to say THANK YOU to the COLLIER FAMILY ORGANIC FARM for allowing us to  experiment and explore the growing of our own Moringa Trees.

 It has been a wonderful experience and opportunity to truly get to know these trees, how to work with them,  and what they can do for us. The COLLIER FAMILY ORGANIC FARM has helped us by providing the ideals soil and conditions for growing these trees and also  by helping us with the irrigation and water needed to keep these trees growing healthy and thriving. These remarkable and miraculous trees not only produce leaf for our consumption, but they also provide us with many seeds to help grow more Moringa that will provide food for future hungry mouths.

Thank You Everyone for Your Help and Support!  Sincerely,  Gene and Daryl Salerno, owners, the Moringa Spirit Company.